Huy P. Massachusetts

My Issue- Gun Control

November 4,2016 Dear Future President, My name is Huy Phan and I am from Viet Nam. I study in ESL2 in Brighton High School. Now I live in Dorchester. I am writing to ask you address the problem of gun control in U.S today. This issue is a big problem. It makes me so scared to live here. That’s why I am oppose gun. The United States has most people own guns in the world. Each year more than 30,000 people died by the gun and this number increases each year. As president you should care about gun control because people can carry hidden in all 50 states. This research support the people died increased. On night, I can’t go to buy anything, because it has some people with the gun on their hand. So it makes me so scared to get out the house in night. You need to know about it. You should address this issue first when you become president by starting the background checks for all states, all places, all gun stores. So it is against for the bad people can’t buy gun for making other people hurt. One of the ways, you could do this is by increasing ban on assault weapons. I think you know on June 12, 2016, a gunman kill 49 people in a bar in Orlando, Florida, so I think you need to decrease the mass shooting by keeping the guns out of the reach of those who want to terrorism. I am looking for a president who will have perseverance to try this new way of gun control, and who will try his or her hardest to protect people in the country by don’t let the bad people own gun. I hope it! Sincerely, Huy Phan