odayra p. Massachusetts

letter to President


November 4, 2016

Der Future President,

My name is Odayra Pimentel and I am from Dominican Republic. I am a student at Brighton High School in boston. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

The most important issue you should address first is immigration.I am pro immigration as we know million of people that don’t have documents don’t have jobs or can’t give their children a good education because they don’t have documents and also Republicans want to win the elections because they want the people that don’t have documents out of the country.

A solution of this problem is that if you help the immigrants stay on the country the kids will have more education and get a better job and the Republicans I want them to believe in the people from other country and let them stay here and have a good future. I am pro education for the kids that want to learn and have a good job on their life.

As president, i agreed that you should care about the kids having a good education and a good future. kids and adults should be allowed to have a good life like the citizens in this country. I know as president, you could help the people that need your help. In my experience I always see people in the streets that can’t work because they don’t have documents. I hope you consider helping other people get a better life.

I assumed that you want people to have good education and to find a good job and their family to have a good life. I support a good education to the kids and a better life for the people that want to be someone on their life and have a good job.


Odayra Pimentel