Joey S. Massachusetts

Why Illegal Immigration Must Be Stopped

Dear Future President, Illegal immigration has been way out of hand and is causing America to be overflowing with drugs, filled with sexual harassers, and out of jobs. This is a harm to our country and will deteriorate more and more if we don't take care of it fast. Illegal Immigration has been proven that it hurts Americas economy, especially because of the jobs being stolen. For the people saying “Mexicans are taking the jobs that the Americans don't want to do,” is simply wrong. A study has shown over 1 million Americans have shown up to McDonald’s for a job. McDonald’s is known for playing minimum wage and not being a very good job. Since Illegal immigrants are not actually on record, they don't have to pay taxes. There are roughly 11 million Illegal immigrants living in the US. That is also 11 million people not paying for their taxes and that effects the US economy in a humongous way. The way these immigrants don't pay their taxes are under the table deal, cash only. Keeping them tax free. The next topic there is to talk about is the drug problems that have been plaguing the United States. Federal investigators think that over 2.2 million kilograms of cocaine and 11.6 million kilograms of marijuana were smuggled into the US from Mexico. Even in 2006 homeland security admitted that the Mexican cartel mostly has control of the border.The DEA says the drug trafficking rate has skyrocketed through the years growing larger and larger. And while hispanics only make up 5.4 percent of the population, The rate of arrests for drug trafficking are made up of 46 percent of hispanics.These drugs are just a trickle effect from all the gangs. Hispanics make up 49% of gangs Nationally. Gangs may be one of the biggest problems we are facing from these illegal immigrants. As stated before, the huge drug problem they have brought, as well as the deaths they are causing. It police officer spoke out about these gangs and even said he's afraid to go down some streets because of these gangs and how vicious they are. There are too many reports to share in which a gang member is killing an innocent father, or a kid walking home from school,so I will share a few. Young 14 year old football, walking home from the mall, shoots him for no reason. Son and father driving together, killed by an illegal alien gang member because they were blocking his way. Another young high school student, killed by an illegal alien with gang relations on a bus, no reason. These are innocent people they are taking the victim's life away, as well as their family members. Thinking about what that mother goes through now from the second example is unimaginable. Although some illegal immigrants come through looking for a better life, if they commit the crime of entering illegally, they will often commit more to make life easier. It's time we step up our border and give it more security as well as more support. This is a topic our country must focus on, and we if don't, we will have more innocent people murdered, more gangs, more drugs, and less safety for our citizens. Thank you.