Pen V. Kentucky

Immigrants need help

These are my ideas about the problem of immigration and how I believe we should fix it.

Dear Future President,

     Immigration is a huge issue and the United States should try to fix it. If we turn immigrants away the problem will just come back later bigger than ever. So we should help these immigrants have a new home.

     One reason I believe we should help these immigrants find a new home is Germany has agreed to take in 50,000 immigrants while the United States has only agreed to take in 10,000 immigrants.That is pathetic. We are so much bigger than Germany yet we are taking in 5 times less immigrants than them.

     Another reason we should help these immigrants is without immigrants we would have no cheap labor and the economy would fall. lots of people would lose a lot of money. These immigrants are an important part of our economy. We cannot lose them.

     The last reason we should help these immigrants is because without our help, these immigrants will probably die. we cannot let that happen. That is almost as bad as killing them our self.

Sincerely, Pen .v