Shamus B. Massachusetts

College tuition

College tuition

Dear future president, 

        Colleges these days are more expensive especially private colleges but students in high school don't necessarily have the money for a good private or out of state college. This idea is easier than it looks. For most of our nation, out of state colleges and private colleges have been much more affordable in the past than they are today, with a lower tuition, and financial aid that cover a much larger portion of the cost more students will be able to attend a better college. In making college easier to access again, and returning to an education system that serves every American, is addressing the student loan debt crisis. 

        This crisis has been haunting people ever since graduated from college. College tutition was pretty low in the 1990s. Some people who graduated then have already paid their student loans. The crisis started in the early 2000s and increased ever since. The mojority of the people who took out a student loan are still paying off their loan now. If they lower the tuition for private and out of state colleges there might be more people who want to go and graduate.


Sincerely, Shamus