Trey S. Texas

Pornagraphy Problems

Pornagraphy is destroying our youth's futures.

Dear Future President,

We need to show people that porn is a huge problem and we need to show people its harmful effects. The problem of porn hides from the public behind a universal belief that porn is normal for guys to watch, and that it’s just natural urges. Porn is killing our youth’s futures.

Today 96% of guys in 9th to 12th grade watch porn on a monthly basis. That is 4,800,000 guys are watching porn in the US. Out of 5 million. But that’s not all of it.Porn has an effect on your brain that is similar to cocaine and heroine, it’s insanely addicting. That’s probably why so many guys watch it. But that’s not all. Porn makes guys have a lower opinion of women and pushes them toward the idea that women are objects and not people with ideas, feelings and needs. This can lead to men abusing their wives, divorce and sexual abuse. Porn also gives a false reality of what a real relationship is like. This “new norm” is a twisted version of a beautiful thing that should only happen between two adults who care for each other and think of each other as equals.

Millions of guys are being negatively affected by porn. There needs to be a change or the world is heading to a very bad place. So please, bring this to the public so we can make some change.


Trey S.

Student, KHS