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Why We Must Convince the People of Saudi Arabia to Fight Against ISIS

ISIS has been attacking innocent civilians for too long, and with the help of the Middle Eastern Country Saudi Arabia, the US can put an end to the killings.

Dear Future President,

On September 9th, 2001, the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda performed a series of four coordinated attacks that killed more than 3,000 people and injured 6,000 others. When President George Bush addressed the nation the following evening, he spoke of the grief and punctured spirits of the people, the shadow of death passing over America. But more than giving condolences, he vowed to eliminate the plague of terrorism that infected so many innocent people, and to this day, the US is working towards that goal. Currently, an organization that is severely affecting civilians is ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Countries such as Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan house terrorists from ISIS, and it’s been difficult for the US to have a significant impact in the fight against this plague. To be able to eliminate an organization like ISIS, we need to form an alliance with the Middle Eastern country of Saudi Arabia. The country is religiously against terrorism, it has countless arsenals of combat aircraft, and it’s close proximity to countries associated with ISIS makes it an ideal location to rally troops and kickstart plans. Saudi Arabia is the key to eliminating the malignancy terrorism brings to the Middle East, Europe, and the world.

The Grand Mufti (highest religious official) of Saudi Arabia spoke out about how terrorism and extremist activity are taboo to the religion of Islam. However, the pure form of Islam that ISIS practices, Wahhabism, is preventing them from taking a stand against the organization, along with complications with Iran. It will take American willpower to convince the country that ISIS is worth fighting against. And to do that, we need to convince them that innocent people are worth fighting for. Statistics show that there are nine times more people killed in terrorist attacks today than in 2000. Things can’t go on like this. Perhaps a convention must be held, or a statement by you, Mr./Mrs. President, must be made. If we don’t eradicate this plague by finding as many resources as possible, then the soil will just keep making room for more corpses.

As a result of the alliance of the US and Saudi Arabia, we will have access to more than 400 combat aircraft that could aid us in airstrikes against ISIS. Of course, the US has already performed many airstrikes targeted at ISIS, but with the weapons of Saudi Arabia, America could do more significant damage. Our technicians and experience with aircraft paired with Saudi Arabia’s military resources could give us an extreme advantage over ISIS.

An argument may be made against the air war, stating that airstrikes will not be enough to expunge a plague like terrorism from the Middle East. That is where the Armed Forces come in. America has troops ready to fight against terrorist groups like ISIS, and Saudi Arabia has one of the best funded military defenses in the Middle East. With our combined forces, the terrorists are sure to be taken care of.

ISIS is a problem that affects everyone today, whether or not we realize it. Somewhere out there, while people are sipping coffee or texting a friend, a plague is infecting thousands of people in the Middle East. With the help of Saudi Arabia, the US can be well on its way to tackling the terrorists that cause so much harm to civilians. With hatred towards terrorism and the proper weapons, the two countries can eradicate a sickness that has been spreading for too long. Terrorism is wrong, and it is time for the soil to be cleansed of blood.



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