Emma Texas


The next president in office must destroy the Terrorist in the Middle East before they destroy us.

Dear Future President,

The word Terrorism comes to play as a broad topic in today’s society. Terrorism, in its broadest sense, is defined as the use or threatened use of violence to gain political or religious power. But the biggest terrorist group that comes to mind is ISIS.

As long as I remember this group of Islamic individuals put a bad taste in my mouth and our country for doing so little to put a damper in this group of inhuman individuals. I strongly believe that the next President coming into office must destroy and take down ISIS before they destroy us. Our next president must eliminate all Terrorists leaders like Zawahiri and Saif al-Adel, if we stand any chance of surviving in this hectic place we call our world.  

Since 2001, when the attack on the twin towers occurred, it through the United States upside down. Turning our nation into something we had feared the most, vulnerable. This worldwide known event made many questions our afforts: Is the United States safe? Will we ever get back to the country we once were? If these questions are not answered by our next president, then we are really in trouble. We need a president to attack these problems and stop terrorists for good.

Our safety for future generations to live in a safe and secure country rests in our hands and the next president. I hope that one day that the citizens of our country will wake up with no fear of terrorist attacks, instead of waking up to planes flying and buildings crashing and families dying.


Emma T.