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The Economy

Millions of families around the world struggle to uphold their financial issues such as debt, welfare, and unemployment. Help find a solution to restore the economy!

Dear Future President,

Many people across the world struggle with financial issues and can barely keep their roofs over their heads. The insufficient economy creates many problems for people everywhere. Some of the problems we need to get to the bottom of involve the economy. According to the U.S. Debt Clock, the United States national debt sits around 19 trillion dollars, and the total debt for United States falls at about 66 trillion dollars. Many problems associated with the economy including poverty, debt, homelessness, jobs, and welfare.

The economy acts as the backbone of our country. It determines the quality of our citizens’ lives. Because of the weak economy, many people remain in a position where they have no choice but to live without some of the basic essentials. A graph on The Huffington Post shows that about 45 million Americans currently live under the poverty line. Without the money, people lack the ability to feed their families or take care of their wants or needs. For many people, their number one concern starts with the economy. Every little thing that happens can mess up the system sometimes causing inflation.

Many U.S. citizens everyday struggle to find a stable job that pays enough. Although the unemployment rate continues to decrease, we still have a long way to go. The unemployment rate in U.S. currently settles at 5.9% as stated in the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Because we don’t have enough opportunities for every citizen to have a job, many don’t have enough to support their family. The government should focus more on finding ways to expand the workforce, while keeping the debt at a minimum.

Although an economic boost would solve many problems, some people would argue differently. Some believe that the economy will develop on its own. However, if we don’t plan out how we use the money, it could result in higher numbers for unemployment and debt. The economy is crucial to the lives of every person. If the economy is in danger, it affects everyone.

The economy is consistently one of the most important issues to worry about today. For every little fluctuation or inflation in the economy, many people struggle to gain the money they need to care for their families. Millions live out on the street because of the inadequate economy. A strong economy enhances job opportunities, our standards of living, and our surrounding. It also creates a happier society with a better quality of life. 

                  Thank you,

                               Brenda Tu

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