Taylor Z. Texas

Big President Lowers Big Debt

About how its important to lower are debt. And what could happen if we dont.

October 26, 2016

Dear future President,

I went to trump towers and ate at the trump bar and let me say i am very impressed with your guacamole, honestly best i've ever had. Hillary you should go to trump towers and have some of that guacamole it’s that good. Now on a more serious note i think that our country's main issue is are debt. We are 19 trillion dollars in debt and rising as you already know.

This is an issue because we're going to lose support the reason people keep giving us loans is because they see what weve done in america and are impressed that we can still have a good government, and have freedom, and rights. The more we get in debt the less there going to believe in us. Debt holders will start increasing interest so the united states will need to give large amounts of money just to pay off the interest and after that are debt will keep rising and rising because the debt holders will just keep increasing the interest.

So in conclusion mr/mrs future president i think you should lower government spending. You need to stop throwing money into the black hole that's obamacare and you need to get rid of it. All it's doing is taking our government's money and putting it into a system that doesn't work and does not provide good insurance.


Taylor Z.