Jakob H. Texas

New Gun Laws and Regulations

Gun laws in the US. They are not what they need to be, and not what they once were. We need to come up with new laws, that do are legitimate and smart, not frightened schoolyard laws.

Dear Future President,

Gun Laws. Gun Policies. Gun Regulations. Gun Prohibition. Gun Rights. These are topics that raise eyebrows and shouts. These laws and policies sometimes ignore that there are actually rights. As most people know there are four types of guns: assault rifles, handguns, rifles, and shotguns; although some people classify assault rifles as rifles they are not rifles. Most people only care about banning handguns and assault rifles, seeing as handguns can be more easily concealed, and assault rifles can be identified with weapons of mass destruction.

When this country was first founded it was won from England with men, not guns, but the guns were the tools that America’s Founders used. We fought to win America for ourself, and we fought to keep it America. This is a list of wars that America has been in, or participated in: Colonial wars (1620–1774), War of Independence (1775–83), Early national period (1783–1812), Barbary Wars (1801-1805), War of 1812, War with Mexico (1846–48), American Civil War (1861–65), Post-Civil War era (1865–1917), Spanish–American War (1898), Philippine–American War (1899–1902), Banana Wars (1898–1935), Moro Rebellion (1899–1913), Mexico/Border War (1910–19), World War I (1917–18), Russian Revolution (1918–19), World War II (1941–45), Cold War (1945–91), Korean War (1950–53), Vietnam War (1964–75), Persian Gulf War (1990–91), War on Terrorism (2001–PRESENT).

There are many other battles, and times of chaos, but all that is listed above are wars that America has been in, or participated in. There are things in the list above that make them similar. One could spend hours highlighting the many ways these are similar, but there is one that is extremely noticeable. Every single war that America has fought in has a gun been used. Both for defense and for offense. For attacking and defending. For killing and saving. This is a sore subject for many people. They sometimes feel like their loved ones who died for our country are not being respected as a fallen hero should. They should and need to be respected. But people use that as an excuse to try to ban guns. They feel as if they have a right to ban guns, because their loved ones were killed with a gun, or something of the type.

Eight of my nine uncles, three of my four grandpas, and my dad. What do all these family members have to do in common? They all served in various branches of the United States’ Military. They fought. Not because they wanted to kill a bunch of bad people, but because it was their right, it was their honor, and it was their duty.

We do need some gun control, but not gun restriction. No offense meant, but we need idiot control. There should be some control, such as no carrying assault rifles in public. Now some would say, “Only an idiot would do that.”, but that is my exact point. People could try to make up restrictions all day, and they should, but there are some that should not be allowed to pass.

CONCEALED CARRY. There are many different interpretations of this. But here is the definition: the practice of carrying a concealed firearm on one's person in public. In Texas, just recently there was a law passed allowing open carry of rifles. Sometimes there needs to be a meeting place for both parties, meaning the people who want to ban guns, and the people who do not. So here is a policy:


There shall be no laws allowing open or concealed carry of assault rifles. There shall be no laws not allowing concealed or open carry of handguns. Other guns shall not be allowed to carry on someone’s person at all times.

Your's Truly,

Jakob H