Alex C. California

Gun Laws

Gun laws have gone to far and are hurting the law abiding citizens.

Dear Future President,

Gun laws are going to far with trying to restrict the sales of guns and ammunition to people. They are trying to stop criminals from getting ahold of guns, the thing is that they are criminals and they will get ahold of a gun no matter what the laws put against the sale of firearms. Making all these gun laws are only hurting the good people of this country. The argument with saying guns kill people is stupid and in correct, the gun is not the problem the person behind the gun is the problem the gun is just a tool in which was used. Trying to get people to give up there firearms does not go over with people who have had a gun forever and now it is an illegal gun due to gun laws being passed to stop criminals from getting guns. Gun laws being passed are cutting down on the rights we have based on the 2nd Amendment, saying that citizens don't need to have military style guns but when the amendment was put into the constitution all guns where military style gun. There needs to be less gun laws in the United States.

Alex C.