Emily B. Connecticut

Importance of gun control

I talked about how they should have a stricter law about guns in other states. I talked about how they should make it harder for people to get guns.

Dear President,

Hi, I am Emily, I am a senior in high school, I am writing to you about gun control. Gun control is important to me because everyone should be able to live a long life and not have to worry about shootings happening.

My purpose is that something needs to be done about gun violence happening because something is always happening mostly everyday or every month. For example, according to CNN, there have been 136 mass shootings in 2016. This is very sad and there has to be something done about this. Also there should be a law about people being able to get guns. I think only cops and FBI members should be allowed to get guns. The Atlantic wrote an article called “Mass Shootings Are Preventable and it talked about how there was “no one” law to protect mass shootings from happening. I think there should be a law so nothing like this ever happens anymore. For example, after the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting which killed a lot of kids and teachers, my state made the gun control law more stricter. I think that they should do that in every state.

Furthermore I think the president should make it harder for people to get guns. There should be thorough background checks of people who want to buy guns. The importance of my topic is that everyone should stay safe and not do anything harmful to another person, thing or an animal.

Thank you for listening to me and good luck in being the president for the next four years.


Concerned citizen