Angelina G. California

Keep abortion safe and legal

When the topic of abortion comes up I do believe that it should be legal and also kept safe.

Dear future president

When being the president of the United States, you will need to address a few things that are going on around us in our country. Including the topic on abortion. By making abortion illegal, you are saying if a women gets raped and they get pregnant, they will have to keep the child that is a living reminder of what had happened.

Being the president you will need to decide whether or not you want to make abortion illegal or not. I honestly believe that abortion should be legal and women should be able to abort the fetus if they cannot care for it. Teen pregnancies are also helped with having the choice of aborting their unborn child, which helps with not having as much teen pregnancies as we did a few years ago. Having the choice of abortion is much safer than when women have their babies. They might try to harm their child because they do not want them and or do not have the proper life to take care of that child.

In conclusion, I am very supportive of having abortions for everyone. I feel as if we don’t have abortions in this country we would over fill with people and our schools would be over maximum capacity. I feel as if we do not keep it legal, women will find a way to still get rid of their child.


Angelina G