Zachary Cardin California

Stop Provoking

Dear Mr. Or Mrs. President. Please stop provoking foreign countries.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. Or Miss President, My main issue is war and provoking foreign countries. I think what is best for the United States is if we do NOT provoke foreign countries. None of us in this country want war. If you provoke a foreign country or a foreign leader that could start a war with us or ultimately destroy us, then you are asking to be thrown out of office. We have no say in what you say or do anymore. And we do not want a war with another country. Us United Statsians aren't the ones that have problems with Russia, Putin, Scandinavia, or any other countries. That would be you who has the problem if you are provoking them or accusing them. Please leave your dislikes or statements about them to yourself and don't talk about them to the press making it seem like it is all of our problems. Because you, and all of the United States know, that it is not our problem for anything that you have beef with them with. Please Mr. or Mrs. President, for the Safety of the United States, and for making you look better, DO NOT PROVOKE FOREIGN COUNTRIES.