Jordan c. California


Immigration Immigrants are motivated to leave their former countries of citizenship, or habitual residence, for a variety of reasons, to find or engage in paid work, to better their standard of living, family reunification, retirement, escape from prejudice, conflict or natural disaster, or simply the wish to change one's quality of life. In 2013 the United Nations estimated that there were 231,522,215 immigrants in the world (apx. 3% of the global population).The United Arab Emirates has the largest immigrant population in the world. The relationship between crime and the legal status of immigrants remains understudied but studies on amnesty programs in the United States and Italy suggest that legal status can largely explain the differences in crime between legal and illegal immigrants. Immigrants who have committed violent crimes in other countries should not be let into our country. We need to find illegal immigrants and remove the one with violent pasts but allow the others to be granted citizenship after passing the regular citizenship test. Letting in immigrants with violent pasts is like letting in retired terrorists. Allowing so many people into our borders without knowing what their plans are should be a scary thought and I feel like we aren't taking that seriously. We need a president who will stiffen border regulations and make this country safe.