Andrea V.

Letters to the President

What the qualities of a president should be and what s/he should be concerned about.

September 29, 2016

Dear future President,

I believe you should be loyal and true to your country. You shall also act on what’s best for your people to prove that you care for them and that you are a good leader. Make sure to be open minded and fair to all. Know how to word your sentences to persuade your crowds. You must show great dedication in making the country better for everyone to reassure them that you want what is best for us. You should also think twice about what you say and do, in order not to offend anyone. I think you should be concerned with keeping everyone in line and out of danger. Make certain everything is organized in the office, business-wise, to keep your work neat and understandable for yourself and others. Be sure to treat everyone equally and without special treatment to display that you don’t pick favorites.

It is also crucially important to acknowledge the dangers of racism and terrorism. Both topics affect and endanger targeted citizens, hurting them physically and or mentally. With racism, the multiple nationalities can be harmed by other disapproving parties as well as people who judge certain races by their stereotypes. With terrorism, innocent Americans are hurt and killed due to political problems in the office. It is equally significant to address the future of America, which is determined by the age groups that follow us. To ensure all of these good traits, we must believe every child deserves access to education that will help them get past the challenges in life to get to where they need to be in the future. Without education, the next generation won’t be able to choose what’s good for themselves and the others around them. We need a leader that will take charge and do what is best for our country.

Sincerely, Andrea