Thomas B. California

Black Lives Matter

Almost 200 Black people were killed by the police only in the year 2016. This needs to stop.

Dear Future President,

 Black lives in America matter just as much as white lives. African American lives are living in a community where black lives are killed or beaten through racism in the police system. In a 2015 study showed that six out of ten black people have been treated unfairly by cops because they were colored. This is a serious problem and I think it can be solved by educating kids while they are young so they know racism is a problem when they are older.

White cops have shooting and beating innocent black lives, that affects the whole black community as it has lead to most black people face racism every day. The most recent example of this was on Oct. 11, 2016, where Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by a police officer in Charlotte, North Carolina because he was “armed” even though disabled and multiple witnesses said that he was unarmed. One day before Scott died, a 40 year old black man named Terence Cucther was also shot and killed by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma when he “didn’t put his hands up”, but later on there was video evidence that he had his hands up. Finally two Houston transit police officers struck a 31-year old black man named Darrell Giles 15 times when he was slouching in a seat.

The way that I want to solve this problem is to teach kids all around the world that everyone is equal, no matter what shade of color their skin is while they are in school. This may work for it will influence the child’s mind while it is still developing making people who “don’t see color”. Schools can get a public speaker or hold an assembly about the racism in the police department and teach the kids that it is bad, this will get the whole school to know that racism is more than just jokes and is can actually turn into someone’s life getting taken. Another thing schools can do is make ASB students or Leadership students make presentations for classes, this is good for the students are know the students and will most likely pay attention more.  Lastly, schools can have a whole month or week to black lives like red ribbon week or black history month, teachers can then use this opportunity to go more in-depth into the situation.

Black people are getting shot and beaten by the people who are supposed to protect the community. This is why educating the young children about this situation is crucial in the development of being free of racism. This is why I want you Mr. or Mrs. Future President to make sure that racism doesn't go on in this country by teaching the kids that black lives matter. 

Sincerely Thomas B.

Peterson Middle School

8th Grade ELA

Middle School students from 8th Grade English

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