Lucy w. Texas

Standardized testing

Dear future president Standardized testing is stressful for students and educators. They also can allows teacher to make an inference about students. Also tests can provide parents and teachers with useful information about a student's relative performance levels. It can not narrow the curriculum, as they are focusing it on important basic skills all students need to master. Standardized tests are inclusive and non-discriminatory because they ensure content is equivalent for all students. But the bad things are multiple-choice format used on standardized tests. This is an inadequate assessment tool. Testing is expensive and costs have increased since NCLB, placing a burden on state education budgets.It also can affect others when testing.They can also measure only a small portion of what makes education. But I think standardized testing should not be in school because it causes stress on students to pass the STAAR, and you should not give student STAAR tests. According to, standardized testing has not improved student achievements. From,Lucy w