Michael C. Texas

Overseas Jobs

the multinational coorperations that have started in America are moving overseas and taking American jobs with them.

Dear future president

Have you ever thought about the people who answer our phone calls when we have a problem with a product. The majority of the time we are talking to a foreign citizen of another country pretending to be American. These jobs have moved overseas where there is no minimum wage and multinational companies can hire workers teach them an American accent give them a fake American name and they will answer customer service questions for companies like Nike, Adidas, and Microsoft. Although it is a good way for people to get paid in developing countries We are losing jobs way too much to third world countries that don't have a minimum wage.

These jobs moving overseas is killing our jobs the majority of electronics are made in China. There is almost no electronics made in the United states anymore. Since this is happening thousands and thousands of US jobs are in china or India. What the United States needs to do to fix this is tax these multinational corporations millions until they come back to the United States. Another idea is that we can have prisoners in correctional facilities do things like work in factories or customer service so they can get a job and get used to society so they donโ€™t end up being repeat offenders. If we do these simple steps we will be able to get American jobs back and have more job opportunities for millions of united States citizens.        

Michael C.