Gilbert R. Texas

Our Countries Economy

This Countries economy is going down hill

Dear future president, I want to know what your plan are to fixing our economy.  There are  92,000,000 Americans unemployed right now because all of our jobs are going across seas. Why are our jobs going over seas? Because many businesses are seeking for cheaper labor. Even though we would never bring our minimum wage under 2$ we do have the power to keep minimum wage at 7.25$ an hour. Whatever you do you can not raise minimum wage. More businesses would just go over seas. Prices for products would cost even more. You also can't raise taxes because then people would have less money and people wouldn't spend as much money on goods. And the government needs to stop trying to control the economy. We need to stop bailing banks out and let them fail. It is completely unfair to have banks keep getting bailed out the government has spent millions of tax dollars just to have the banks not fail. We need to wake up and use our money wisely.