Harry K. Texas

Free College Education

We should not make college tuition free!

Dear Future President of the United States

Imagine a world where everyone gets free college education. Although the idea sounds appealing to someone can not afford it, the concept is not simple. I think you should not make college tuition free, for three main reasons. Many students apply to multiple colleges, some students are not fully prepared for college, and free college education is not really free.

This days many students apply to multiple colleges. “ More than 55% of students who are attending four-year colleges and universities applied to four or more colleges compared to 45% in 2008 and only 12% in 1975 college. Most students get into the college that they want to attend and there are usually many colleges that will be a good match for a student.” (Getting Into College) Half of the students are applying to multiple college which means there will be about 73% of students applying least one college, and I think it is good amount of students going to college.

People may say that they are dropping out because they don't have enough money but according to cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham, 66% of students don't drop out of college for financial reasons. Many students drop out simply because they do not know how to study. Knowing how to study is crucial for college and can make or break your diploma. Instead of investing our money in giving students free college we could instead invest our money to help teach students how to study effectively and successfully.

Another reason why providing college for free is foolish is that the colleges would raise their tuitions for the government. Free college education is not actually free. “First, free college isn’t free, it simply shifts costs from students to taxpayers and caps tuition at zero. Second, it does not change the cost of college, or what institutions actually spend per student. Enrollments will increase, further multiplying the cost of free college.” (Problem) In reality the colleges could make their tuition astronomical because the government is covering the bill and this could end up hurting the economy more than helping it. Plus, “federal aid given to students whose families make under $50,000 in the 2012-13 school year, compared with the national average of 36 percent, according to College Board estimates. All elite private schools that offer similar tuition breaks also enroll few low-income students.” (Free Tuition' Plans)

My conclusion is you should not make college tuition free because many students apply to multiple colleges, some students are not fully prepared for college, and free college education is not really free. And you should think about “If colleges throughout the U.S. can't stay open on tuition alone and we've just taken it away, the only way to keep them open would be to take away funding from a different government division or raise taxes on American citizens. So you determine the effects of either one of these solutions to our overwhelming problem.” (Free College Tuition)

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