Kennedy Texas

Limit the Guns We can Get

The guns we own or have can cause a lot of shoot out for defense or it ca be a gang fight.

October 28, 2016

Dear Future President,

If our society keeps having problems with guns, please lower the amount of guns that we can have. It is a real problem for everyone, we can’t be safe if there are guns firing every 5 minutes or so.

Even though weapons are to protect ourselves, they can also hurt people around you. It can cause a lot of damage to private property and can cause a lot of deaths. We can’t always know when a shoot out is going on because some of us never experience the feeling on the situation that other people are in. For example, blacks are being killed or being arrested for no reason by the police.

In conclusion, we should have about 3 guns per person and only 1 small gun out of the house. Having more than 1 can cause more problems like gang fights, etc. Being able to lower the guns can probably lower the amount of deaths being caused. The police should only use tasers in a small situation, but when there is a gun fight, then they should be allowed to have a gun.


Kennedy V.