Claire F. Texas

Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Many people across the nation struggle with a serious chronic illness. In order to provide them with tools they need to win their battles, medical marijuana should be legalized.

Dear Mr./Ms. President of the United States of America,

 As of now in the United States, around 40% of our population suffers from a chronic illness. It has been said that by 2025, the already large number will increase to nearly 50%. With this drastically increasing number, we should be focusing on how to possibly bring it down and how to help all of the people dealing with these chronic illnesses. How are we going to help all of these patients push through and fight their ongoing battle? The one helpful and efficient solution is medical marijuana. Giving some of the many suffering patients medical marijuana is like giving them boxing gloves to help them win their fight. It will give them more hope and a greater chance of leaving the match victorious.

By allowing medical marijuana to become legal we can give people hope. They will no longer be bringing a knife to a gunfight. Giving some patients with chronic illnesses marijuana will help reduce their symptoms and give them the strength to fight their illness. According to medical professionals they feel that it was a mistake not making medical marijuana legal faster. “I apologize because I didn’t look hard enough, until now. I didn’t look far enough. I didn’t review papers from smaller labs in other countries doing some remarkable research, and I was to dismissive of the loud chorus of legitimate patients whose symptoms improved on cannabis…” (Sanjay Gupta, MD). Even medical professionals agree that by giving patients the powerful drug known as marijuana, their symptoms will diminish from the extreme they once were, helping them push through and go head to head with the real task at hand.

We are basically leaving all of these suffering people for the birds by not making medical marijuana legal. Some patients with really hideous symptoms aren’t able to use marijuana to benefit them. They have to take countless amounts of medication only to cure their side effects. Their actual illness isn’t even harmed by these pills. They are still suffering from the same disease they were to begin with. Most pain medication isn’t even strong enough in many patients cases. Taking too much can even lead to an accidental pill overdose which is diminishing the purpose of trying to help these people get better.

Some people think that legalizing marijuana will just make it easier for others that don’t need it to get their hands on the green monster. This could prove to be true, but even though it will make it more abundant, it can actually reduce the amount of drug dealers and crime. There will be more competition and lower prices which will decrease the crime that trails behind marijuana. Many believe that it is to dangerous to children and while it can pose as a threat, this doesn’t mean we have to force it upon children. If we do allow kids to use it on some occasions, it can actually reduce seizures and make them generally feel better. Even though there are some negatives to legalizing marijuana, it will prove to be worth it for so many people.

How are we going to help all of these people fight their battles? Too many pills. Shouldn't our end goal be to cure as many people as we can? Overdosing. How can we help? Death. So many people suffer everyday with a chronic illness. They feel that there is no hope and that they should just give up. There is a solution to help them through the pain and that is legalizing marijuana. It gives so many patients the tools they need to take on their battle and rain victorious.


Claire Fleming