Arjun B. Texas

Gun Control

There is a lot of gun violence in the country. With more gun control the violence rate would decrease.

Dear future president,

Imagine that you’re going home after a hard day of work. When you get home you find that your house has been broken into and your child is dead, lying on the doorstep. There is a bullet wound on the forehead. This is not the way your life should be. According to CDC data 91 Americans are killed on an average day with guns, and 12,000 homicides a year. With more gun control the chances of that happening to you are lowered. We should limit the number of guns that you can own, and the types that you could own. We should have better background checks on the people buying them, so that we cannot give any guns to people that might misuse the privilege of having them. We hear about gun violence everyday, and it has to be put under control.                                                                                               At the moment, there is no limit to the amount of guns that you can own. I believe that there should be a limit to that. With fewer guns, the gun violence numbers would decrease.  Another crucial ratio is the types you can own and the purpose for them. Just like a bank where you keep your money, there should also be a government controlled bank for guns. In the bank, you will have to keep your guns, borrow them from there and return them. When you want a gun from the bank, you will have to state the purpose for the retrieval. This will lower the gun violence rates close to zero. I believe that the banks should be instituted, and we should get rid of pawn shops and gun expos where there are no background checks on guns. In the banks, there should be available information about the person buying the gun and his or her criminal record.                                                                                                           Guns are being sold by the thousands every week. Justin Anderson, marketing director for Hyatt Guns, told the Examiner that "fear of government intrusion on Second Amendment rights" and "people interested in personal protection" are the reasons for the recent spike in gun sales. This is a very good reason to buy more guns, but we need a control on that to see that people who might misuse the guns are not buying them at all. I believe that citizens are only allowed to own pistol types of guns for defense instead of owning as many they can buy. This will also decrease gun violence throughout the nation.                                                                                                                                                  In the scheme of things, you are a strong figure compared to us. You can make an effort to reduce the gun violence. You need to put more control on guns in the US, which improve the lives of many citizens. You can make gun banks throughout the whole country, have better background checks on the people buying guns, and limit the number of guns and types of guns a person can have. This will make sure that the guns don’t get into the wrong hands. With more gun control, the crime and violence rates with guns will drop measurably.


Arjun B.

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