Peter P. Texas

Police issues

Police issues cause a lot of problems in the U.S.A

Dear future President of the United States,

Imagine a world where there were no police issues.Imagine a place where police did not cause any problems in society.Police shall not commit racism,police brutality,but they should trust people more.

These days, people still commit racism in the US because of how people act,dress,and live.Some of those people are police. “Whites (75%) say their local police do an excellent or good job.Only 33% of blacks share this view; 63% say the police do only a fair or poor job in this area,and Hispanics (62%) say their community’s police are doing at least a good job in this area, while 35% say they are doing only a fair or poor job..”(Morin) This shows that even though whites get more respect from the police, Hispanics has more respect than the blacks too.Most of these reasons are because of “how black people act”.It is not fair to treat other races better than others,this is called segregation.”Some may argue that these statistics are evidence of racist treatment toward blacks, since whites consist of 62 percent of the population and blacks make up 13 percent of the population.”(Bandler)

Police brutality mistreats peoples and can cause death.”Blacks and whites differ dramatically in how they interpret these fatal incidents. For about eight-in-ten blacks (79%), these deaths signal a larger problem between police and the black community.(Morin)Police who usually start the brutality or cause it makes people lose trust. ”41% blacks say they have some confidence.Hispanics, 48% say they have some confidence in their police.”(Morin) Blacks and Hispanics aren’t the only race that don’t believe in the police, whites can have less confidence too. “Four-in-ten whites (42%) say they have a lot of confidence in their local police, and another 39% say they have some confidence.”(Morin)The more police brutality the less confidence people will have on the police force.At some point or at a rate if they keep causing these problems no one will trust them and it will cause more problem,and are some brutality targeted.”The public is divided over whether “Police officers tend to unfairly target minorities”.African-Americans and Latinos believe the police do target minorities (69 percent and 54 percent, respectively). Fewer than a third of whites feel that way (29 percent)”.(Schneider)

Trusting people in the police community is hard because usually most people who get caught lies to them.”Cops work in a world where nearly everyone lies to them. Most of the lies are petty and fairly obvious.”(Dees)Plus there's no way of telling the truth unless they are tested.The police mostly trust people who seem to do a good job in the societies or have prove that they are innocent “Overall, 25% of Americans say they have a great deal of confidence in the police, 27% quite a lot, 30% "some," 16% "very little" and 2% "none."(Jones)The more trust police gets from people the more trust people with get from polices.”White Americans support the police, with 67 percent indicating some level of trust in their local police and 63 percent saying the same for police nationwide. Black Americans support, with 36 percent indicating some level of trust in their local police and only 27 percent saying the same for police nationwide.”(Wings)It also helps prevent problems in the US because most problems are caused from police not trusting cause, people might think they are being racist or being accused for false reasons.”Why would I trust someone who can essentially pull me over, then tell me that I simply “fit the description of a local suspect.Therefore ripping my freedom away from me and throwing me in jail in a country where I am supposed to be presumed “innocent until I am proven guilty before a jury of my peers.”(Pinkman)

In conclusion,If police did not cause any racism,brutality and they trust people more,they would hate the cops less.This would also make the people feel more safe around them when they are in need for help or endangered.

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