Marissa R. Texas

LGBTQ Rights

Everyone should be treated equally, once we can realize that, we can accomplish a lot.

Dear Future President of the United States,

Imagine a world where no one cared about who liked who and how people wanted to act. Imagine a world where you could love and spend the rest of your life with whoever you wanted. Imagine a world where every child had a home no matter what happened to their parents. Imagine everyone being happier because they’re not judging or being judged by others because of the person they are. Sounds perfect, now let's make it happen.

Some people want to be another person. They feel like they were born in the wrong body, but people including their parents don’t support them. Some people are depressed because they feel they aren’t who everyone sees them as, and it hurts them to be identified as someone they’re seen to be. “If people in the world forever choose to live by the “guidelines” of gender inequality, then the line that separates men and women will forever be thick.”(The Current). Meaning that if people still see different genders as better than others then everyone will be judged because of their gender. “Transgender-inclusive policies do allow for men’s and women’s rooms, and do not require gender-neutral bathrooms. Instead, transgender-inclusive policies allow all people—including transgender people—to use the bathroom that best matches their gender identity. Those who are living as women use the women’s room, and those that are living as men use the men’s restroom.”(National center of transgender equality).

I’m not sure why, but according to some governments (the way i comprehend their law against same sex marriage) we’re not allowed to love whoever we want to. If you fall in love with your same sex, i hope you find a state where it’s legal to get married because some states are against it. “However, as of 2016 South Africa is the only African country where same-sex marriage is recognized, and no country in Asia allows same-sex marriage ceremonies, although Israel accepts same-sex marriages performed overseas.”(same-sex marriage) If you’re living in asia and fall in love with someone “illegally” i hope you find a way to marry your partner. I think we should have marriage equality everywhere because we should all be allowed to legally spend the rest of our life with the person we love.

If every government agreed to same sex marriage then we could have more kids being adopted because of reproduction issues. When you can’t reproduce but you still want a kid then adoption is one of the top choices to go to instead of having a baby through someone else. It would be more convenient to the couple just to adopt. If you love someone you can’t reproduce with, than adoption should be on your mind. It would give a lot of homeless children a happy home instead of a homeless shelter or adoption center.

If we make more lgbtq rights and we limit how much we criticize people then we can make a lot of people happier. Giving these people more rights can help people realize that we can change anything. We can legalize same sex marriage everywhere, we can increase the amount of kids adopted. People will start to feel equal and the rate of depression will decrease.