Angelina M. Texas

Gender Pay Gap

The pay gap between gender has not changed greatly in the last few years. This a problem. How can we fix it??

Dear Next President,

The gap between men and women is 23 percent. Women are not paid equally as men while they do the same amount of work. By race is even worse. According to the University of Oregon, when men earn one dollar, a white woman earns 77 cents, a Hispanic makes 57 cents, and an African American makes 68 cents. The 19th Amendment granted Women’s Rights which includes equality.

One woman was ashamed to find out that her former employee paid a man with the same job but with less experience more than he paid her. She was told to stop worrying about how much other people were making.  She was told to just worry about how much she gets and if that amount is what she deserved. No one said it was unfair. They all said  not  to worry about it. 

A way to fix this problem is by lowering a man’s salary and adding it to a woman’s. That will make both salaries even. You can even raise a woman’s salary too. Either way can work. The goal is to make the salaries even as possible. Each race should also be as even as possible too. You can do the same thing for the races also. 

In this society, not many men care about the pay gap. Many women don’t even know about it. The people who do know about it, can’t stop thinking about it. They are ashamed that their gender matters when they get paid for their job. America should be a country where gender pay gap shouldn’t exist.


Angelina M.