Ciara M. Texas

Illegal immigrants

We must give amnesty to hardworking illegal immigrants and their families.

Dear Future President,

Every year thousands of illegal immigrants come to the US. They come for reasons like better lifestyle for their families or better opportunities for their kids.We must give amnesty to hardworking illegals and their families. For reasons like they probably have family here, and they are more than likely working for a reason, and they pay taxes.

My first reason, is they probably have family here, is true and a lot of families if the parents are illegal the kids are not, the parents crossed the border illegally and then started a family here and if you were to send the parents back then you would be ripping a family apart. Also if you were to send the kids back with the parents you are taking them away from their country and their friends, everything that is familiar to them, and then you are sending them to an unfamiliar place that they probably don’t even know and to be with people that they don’t even know.

My second reason is they are more than likely working for a reason. If they take all the time to cross the border and are working for the time that they are here, then they are not wasting their job, and they are providing for them and their family, they are also helping our economy. They also could be helping make more jobs that helps bring americans out of unemployment, there for they are helping our nation.

Illegal immigrants already pay taxes is my third reason. If the illegal immigrants are buying items from stores then they pay taxes on them just like the rest of us. “As Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia has reported, in 2006 an estimated 8 million illegal immigrants—up to two thirds of the total—paid taxes. revenue from illegal immigrants is estimated at $11 billion a year to Social Security alone

People may argue that unemployment has skyrocketed the last 12 years. Illegal Mexicans make it harder for legal citizens to get a job because they steal jobs; and that in some areas it is very hard to find work. Areas like these Mexicans taking Jobs is a very important issue. But like I said before immigrants’ labor and entrepreneurship help to revitalize American industries and create more jobs than they take.

So all in all, illegal immigrants are actually helping our nation, and our economy. So by giving them amnesty they will eventually end up helping it even more, and you are also keeping a family together.


Ciara McGuinness

Cedar Valley Middle School 8th Grade ELA

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