Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment needs to be legal in all 50 states.

Dear Future President,

My name is Matthew and I am an eighth grader in Cleveland, Ohio. Throughout the world’s history people have been put to death because of the crimes that law enforcers think were terrible. Many people think that Capital Punishment should not be legal because it is not humane, but I for one disagree. Getting rid of the capital punishment would let people who have committed terrible crimes like mass murder, human trafficking, and kidnaping back on the streets. Letting them back near the public would put even more people at risk.

The WCADP has been trying to get the death removed claiming that it is terrorism. Killing someone in a humane way for committing a crime is terrorism. The death penilty is preventing criminals from committing a worse crime hurting the lives of more people. In 2015, there was 28 executions in the USA, and 10 in Texas alone. There has been 17, deaths so far in 2016 also. These have helped prevent crimes because the people who were apart of the 28 were mass killers, rapists, and kidnappers. There are 5 methods of execution allowed by the US which include lethal injection, electrocution, lethal gas, firing squad, and hanging. Many complain that these methods are not humane but I for one only disagree with the Firing Squad, Hanging, and a gas chamber. Only the state of Oklahoma allows execution by Firing Squad and 3 states allow execution by hanging with another 3 states allow a gas chamber. In Order to make other groups happy you need to remove these methods. Future President you need to remove these cruel and inhumane methods of execution, and then you need to make execution legal in all 50 states or more people will die from people who have escaped or who have been released from prison.

The Idea of the death penalty means a lot to me because if a criminal who had committed terrible crimes escaped or was released from jail, then they might commit the same crime again.If someone was murdered by a man committed a previous crime that would have had him executed in a different state then it would be harder to move on from the tragedy. Future President you need to make capital punishment legal in all 50 states and make the punishment used more often. To make people who are against the death penalty happy then remove cruel ways of execution such as hanging, gas chamber, or death by firing squad. I support the use of the death penalty, and I think that it should be used more. If you want to keep other groups happy then you need to remove cruel and inhumane ways of execution. Future President, if you do this you will prevent killing and prevent riots by trying to make all groups happy.