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Death Penalty Is Justice

The death penalty is justice itself. In this i discuss that you mr president should make the death penalty legal.

Dear future president,

If someone killed someone, you would want to bring them to justice. So why would the death penalty even get argued over why it would be illegal. Little do you know, prop. 34 supporters in San Diego, California, have “claimed” that jurors seek the death penalty too often and want to save the penalty for the worst of the worst. This is a lie. The truth is that they are not willing to spend money from the state budget and that the penalty is too expensive. Is there any price too high for justice? Any price too high to put an end a living incarnation of terror. Justice is the penalty of death to those who have killed friends, family members, Etc. So, Ms. President, should justice be illegal?

The death penalty can have many benefits, one of these benefits is being able to deduct crime. This will occur because of the penalty being decently harsh and this is what will influence the future Americans. It will show that if you want to kill your own people, then you will see no mercy from justice. The people will then see that they don’t want this punishment and will avoid committing crimes, and just overall stop crime. This is a huge plus for allowing the death penalty to be real. The other big action that it is a much for proficient option than the sentence of being in prison without parole. This being because when you put someone in jail you think that they are locked up forever. But, there is always a chance that he or she can still hurt someone inside the prison or even break out of the prison and then cause fear. But, if we were to use the death penalty we could have been much more swift in our actions. We could have just ended the whole ordeal right there and make the victims feel safe just like america is supposed to be.

So, as we can see, there are many benefits to allowing the death punishment to become legal. This will lower the fear by a ton in america and will make it the tranquil state it was supposed to originally be in. Remember what i told you about death, know if you allow the death penalty to be legal in all states and stay legal, then that will have never happened. Crime will reduce so low that we will no longer need to worry about someone being killed. This will save america and it will make the part in the preamble of the constitution “To secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” take action and make the future of america safer.

Gurrie Middle School

3-4 LaBud ELA

3-4 LaBud ELA

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