Megan C. Ohio

Climate Concerns

People are destroying the world we live in. We are wasting are water instead of giving it to those who need it most. We are destroying the arctic with green house gasses. Steps need to be taken in order to address these issues and save the planet.

Dear Next President:

People are wasting water, the arctic is melting, and animals are dying. As a country I believe we need to be more aware of our environment. Cleaner energy sources are a must if we want to stay ahead and be a role model for our fellow countries.

One of our largest issues is the amount of water Americans waste every day without knowing it. Most of these people don’t even try to waste the water. Toilets waste up to 28% of the water used in a household every day. Unfortunately less than 2% of adults know this. Washing machines aren’t much better. Some can use up to 34 gallons of water per load. We can’t ignore all the water being used when places like Africa need it so much.

All the fossil fuels we use cause global warming by creating greenhouse gases. Now there are large waves beginning to form in the arctic that are destroying the ice much faster than usual. The lack of ice has driven polar bears closer to humans. As they lose places to live among the ice, they are forced to move inland.

The warming world threatens some animal species. Some starfish are literally turning into goo in the warming water. Other sea life depends on the starfish so this could destroy an ecosystem.

We need to pay more attention to our environment.



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