Uniforms Matter

Uniforms may seem like a small contribution to America, but the possible gains of requiring uniforms in schools in America are surprising.

Dear Next President,

          I’m an eighth grader at a suburban Cleveland, Ohio school, and I would like to call attention to an issue that I believe has not been properly addressed: school attire. Uniforms should be required in schools across America. Too much crime and prejudice happen in schools, and a lack of uniforms may be contributing to it. Students are stressing over their appearance rather than studying for tests and working on their education. Uniform regulations should be established as soon as possible to avoid such situations. According to procon.org, a 2013 survey distributed by National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) stated that 86% of school leaders said uniforms make "a significant, positive impact on peer pressure," and 64% said uniforms reduce bullying. Uniforms may be used to reduce problems such as assault and battery, weapon usage in schools, fighting, sex offenses, drug possession, and vandalism.

          Keith Metcalfe, Deputy Headmaster Elect at Harrow School in the United Kingdom, believes that uniforms don’t just symbolize tradition; they symbolize unity as a school. Uniforms show how a school can unite together regardless of differences. Also, French Toast Official School Wear, a school uniform supplier, says that when students are dressed seriously, they act seriously. Uniforms minimize the use of gang colors and discrimination, too. Uniforms may also reduce peer pressure in clothing decisions. If everyone wears the same thing, no decisions need to be made. Uniforms also make getting ready in the morning easy for parents and children (greatschools.org). A uniform is worn to school, and no morning arguments over apparel are made.

          I supported this argument because at my school, uniforms are required. Uniforms keep most assumptions at bay. We are still able to express ourselves, just not through our dress code. We express ourselves by our actions. If expressions are made only through clothing in the future, we’ll lose our character as human beings. Clothing will be the only thing representing us. By wearing uniforms, judgmental actions caused by apparel are scarce. Uniforms show unity and what we have in common instead of what’s different about us. If all schools required uniforms, it would unite schools all over America. Criminal actions may decrease, protecting children in schools all over.

          Uniforms help schools all over America, even without the kids knowing it. I believe the next President should do a campaign suggesting that all schools in America should wear uniforms to reduce crime and prejudice. Taxes could also help pay for the public schools' uniforms in addition to tuition. Private school uniforms would have to be paid for by the student's parents or guardians when paying for tuition. If uniforms can’t be bought, a student may have to attend a different school that does not require families to purchase a uniform on their own, such as a public school. Uniforms will help make America a greater country by eliminating criminal action in schools. Would you want your children in a prejudiced and possibly dangerous school? Uniforms will prevent most discrimination and danger. Uniforms should be a requirement in American schools, helping children band together and stay safe.


An Eighth Grade Student