Brooke Iowa

Death Penalty

The Death penalty should be looked upon and resolved.

Dear Future President,

I am sure you know that people have murdered innocent human beings. Over the year there have been 15,809 homicides. I have a solution that might solve this problem, the death penalty.

The death penalty, or capital punishment, is where the state sends an inmate to get executed as a punishment. With the death penalty, it costs the government less as opposed to life imprisonment without parole, it is cheaper than paying for food, healthcare, and other costs. The death penalty is a just  punishment for crimes committed against the freedom and safety of victims. Since they violated another person's justice, they should suffer the fate they deserve.

With the death penalty this means that the law has to be very careful with people they put in prison, so no one is wrongly executed. Some people may think that the death penalty is cruel and unfair, but was it fair for the murderer to kill an innocent human being? Think about that.