Michael Ohio


Marijuana legalization is a very large step to educating people about the reality of life.

Dear future president,

I’m writing you today because marijuana should be legal. Many people who live with disabilities are having their right to live a normal life taken away from them because basic medicine is being criminalized. Marijuana is also criminalized to fill prisons and make more for the state.

It is not humane to take away someone’s right to feel like a normal person every day. People who can not escape a dark hole of depression or get out of their own personal hell because the government is criminalizing a plant. Here is a very heart touching story of a young boy with a horrific disease. 8 year old saved with cannabis. If you are sick and there is medicine out there to help you, why is it the government’s right to tell you if you can or cannot have that medicine?

The government uses marijuana criminalization to fill prisons." In 2010, 52% of all drug arrest were for small amounts of marijuana. According to the Free Thought Project, " those 52% were not kingpins either, it was just people with small amounts of marijuana. As stated on www.aclu.org. Should we allow innocent people that are being charged for small amounts of marijuana to be in prison for longer than a rapist? Convicted rapist Brock Turner walked free after 3 months of incarceration while Jeff Mizansky who was slated to die in jail after 3 minor marijuana offenses earned a life sentence. 

You, as the president of the United States could change this issue. People are struggling with life because their medicine is illegal. Others are being misled by untruthful media that is being released to tell the public that marijuana is a dangerous drug that can mess up your life. Some people claim they can occasionally smoke marijuana and still lead a perfectly normal life with their family. If the government would stop allowing untruthful facts to be leaked to the public and just educated them about the subject then this would never be an issue. 

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