John Z. Ohio

Illegal immigration; The Forgotten Cause

700 thousand illegal immigrants pour in each year. However, this has gone unnoticed for some time. Sure, it gets an occasional mention, but we need action. What will the next president do?

Dear Next President:

When you get into office, you have a wide variety of issues you would have to face. These are some of the said problems you will have.

Immigration is a very big issue in this country. It should be taken seriously. Each year, 700,000 illegal immigrants enter this country. Some of these can murder legal U.S. citizens. This needs to be stopped. I ask, future president, what will you do? To protect our citizens and land? What precautions will you deploy?

Another issue is illegal immigrants getting government insured healthcare. What is the stance you take on this issue? Will you cut off the coverage, or will you let them keep their insurance? This could be a loss of millions, if not billions of dollars spent on undocumented citizens.

Another issue in this issue is that what happens to the children that grew up in the U.S., but their parents didn’t? What will happen to the parents of the illegal immigrants? WIll they be deployed? Or will they be deported? This would be a job loss, as 70% of agricultural job employees are undocumented. This could be a major loss of jobs for the agricultural world.

Of course, there is the issue of the wall being built. The mexican government said they wouldn’t pay for the wall, but you or your opponent said Mexico will pay for the wall. This could cause fighting between countries and political unrest from party extremists. Building the wall would be an estimated 25 billion dollars and would run through houses and villages. But if you don’t, illegal immigrants can and will still flow into our country.

Best Regards,


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