Toan N.

Green and clean

Green energy can help the world become a better place. A cleaner and safer place for future generations.

Dear President,

Our world has been slowly dying ever since we discovered fire. As time passed by the world started to slowly deteriorate as we always used up its fuel and pollute its air. Our country has done pretty well with solar power this year but we need to do better. We can create the world where green energy and renewable energy make up almost all of our electricity. If enough research and money are put into the solution then we can be a great nation. We can be a great world.

When I was a child I wondered how my life would be in 10 years. I wondered how clean and fresh the air will smell in the future, and how there would be no poverty. But 5 years have passed and the world has not changed as much as I would like or imagine. I remember in class how my science teacher told me that every gas powered car in 2013 contributed to a little over half of the carbon monoxide into the air. Then we started talking about renewable energy. These days I keep wondering how would unlimited energy affect our world? Scientists can think freely of new and more efficient things for us in the future.

Electricity has transformed our world. It has transformed it so much that we drove cars 50 years after the first locomotive. Now we have technology that the past couldn’t even begin to imagine. Everything that we need in our everyday lives requires electricity. We are developing as a country more slowly than ever. The change in the pace of advancements in technology has been the 2nd lowest ever since greeks. At that time they still used swords and spears for centuries. Though right now, creating electricity creates pollution. Pollution can cause our habitat, our world, to be unsafe to live on. The Earth’s death is coming in at least 1.7 billion years. We will not lose our home our place of existence. Green energy can help our civilization last that long into the future. It can create an even more habitable environment for us to live on. In a decade the world can thrive on green energy. If enough research and money are put into we can really create a better, cleaner, safer world.

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed– Mahatma Gandhi. This has been the fact since almost everyone wants more than what they have. We drove cars so we don’t have to walk. We built phones so we don’t have to meet face to face with people. All that we have built was for our very own greed. We never thought about how it could affect the planet, affect the animals around us. The human race has developed technology that they aren't satisfied with but the technology is killing their own planet. Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.– Cree Indian Proverb`. Our world gets slowly polluted by the day and when everything is gone no food, no other life, no chance of success. Then we will finally now that money is now useless. Money can buy us the things that we need anymore.

We can create the world with such technological advancements that we can achieve our goals. With this almost unlimited energy, we can make the greatest leaps of mankind. Green energy/fuel is so important to humanity that we can thrive on a better, cleaner energy. Now the decision to create the energy and the research, it is up to you. I hope you can make the future come in faster Mr. President. Our nation looks forward to it.