Niejay Pennsylvania

Child Abuse & Neglect

Here's some of my concerns about child abuse and neglect.

Dear President of the United States,

     My name is Nie’Jay Butler , I am in the 11th grade and live in Philadelphia. I wanted to bring to your attention the issue on child abuse and neglect. Did you know that “approximately 5 children die everybody because of child abuse”? This is a high number and I think that you would be able to help this issue that is going on. Many children in the US are not getting their basic need met as a result. I am asking for you to put more laws out on this issue to prevent this from happening anymore.

   There’s many stories about this issue but there's no one who wants to tell it, here's one of my family member story. My cousin was neglect by his mother at a young age. He is 20 now and still can’t do much as other people his age. His mom never took him anywhere, he have gotten to the point where he can’t even come to family events. He can’t be around a lot of people or hear loud music, if he does come he stays in the house in a room and just sit there. His mother let him sit in a cold house with one blanket , while she went out and did what she wanted. This is not right and things need to change so i'm coming to you Mr. President. You should help the people that need you , out of the kindness in your heart.

  My cousin is not the only one experiencing this; in fact more kids are getting abused and neglected. Every year there are 6.6 million children are stated to child protective services for abuse and neglect from family members. Kids don’t get treated the way they should. Kids need outsiders to help them get free from family that are hurting them. They can't help themselves that's why i'm asking you to help out. 4 or 5 of children died because of this issue a day and about 50% of children die every month.

  Child neglect and abuse can have a harmful impact on their lives. It can lead to many health problems, and make them be the same way as their parents or family members. Even though children are getting abused, being taken away from their family can have a big effect on them. They are getting taken out of their home, they lifestyle they know and getting put in a place where is totally different. We have some programs to put children in but it can be hard to monitor them at all times. When kids get put into a new foster home will never be a 100% on if the person is who they say they are. For example, DHS won't tell a story that some faked to be somebody just to get a child and get paid every month. They only tell us the goods they do and with that we won't know if it's a real issue into people investigate.

   It may take a long time to get where we need to get but until then more laws should be put in place such as checking in with the different families a lot more to make sure everything is going the way it's supposed too. Also making sure that the people that are trying to adopt children get a full background check , with fingerprints and all. Another thing is that DHS workers should be a lot more friendly with the child and family too make them feel good and to connect with them. If you are not making the kids feel like this is a great thing to do then if will maybe make them feel like they are walking into another bad situation. All of this could make a lot of problems not even go on and people would be safe in their own homes.

    This topic is very important to me because seeing my family members feeling the way they do makes me want to stop this even more. Millions of people get left unfed for months or even longer. 792.5 million of those people don’t get all the food they need into their bodies. Most of them have not even got water and sunlight in the united states. Kids get treated like slaves from their own parents, making them do everything that they should be doing. This happens all over the world. But, it shouldn’t be happening in the United States because we pride ourselves on equality and also we have enough resources for everyone to live a good life. I hope that you take this issue into considerations going into a new year of being president as it affects many people that voted for you. 

Sincerely, Nie'Jay