Ian Washington

Climate Change

Climate Change exists and we need to find a solution to it before it is too late.

Ian C.

Olympia, WA

7 November, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

In the world today, care for our environment is hard to come by. Throughout the world pollution of our environment is being caused by littering and by the emission of too many greenhouse gasses. Climate change is becoming a large worldwide issue. The heat by the sun is being trapped inside of our atmosphere by the greenhouse gasses and the average temperature is rising to unprecedented levels. We need to fix the problem of climate change before it is too late.

About 97% of climate scientists believe that humans are the cause of the rise in greenhouse gasses, but most elected officials and common people disagree about the causes and effects. Recent global concern is growing because of the rising temperature, storms, and rising sea levels. In the past there was a cycle of climate change which was slow, and now might threaten humans, animals, and plant life. Even though there is widespread agreement it exists nothing is getting done.

In a perfect world, the climate change cycle would return to the pattern it once had. As a result, we wouldn’t have as many or as dangerous natural disasters. Thousands more people would live each year, and we wouldn’t be at risk of the worldwide water levels increasing. Worldwide temperatures would decrease and less animals would die as a result each year.

I’ve see the use of natural renewable energy and it seems to be a solution. In much of the world, we use coal and and oil for most of our energy, but their use also releases high levels of C02. Another major source of C02 comes from the cars we drive. Scientists have created many solutions to this problem, but because of the disagreement about the causes, nothing but bad is being done.

If a solution to this problem is achieved, life as a whole will be better. Our global temperatures would slowly become less extreme, and fewer animals would die or be at risk as a result.

In order for our planet to be saved, we have to make a change. We have to stop littering, recycle more, and reduce carbon emissions in any way possible. As the president of the United States you have the power to change people’s opinions, to bring attention to this important problem, to help find a permanent solution and to make Earth livable.


Ian C.

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Washington Middle School

Social Studies Period 4

8th Graders

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