Sara A. Washington

A letter to Trump about Climate change

this is a letter about the issue of climate change

Dear Mr. Trump,

I would like to have a simple discussion with you. Some of the things you support or choose not to do are something that I personally cannot ignore. The main issue that I have is that you refuse to believe climate change is real.

I don’t have the ability to understand or fathom the fact that you don’t believe in climate change. The evidence is very clear to me that you have not been looking outside, looking on the internet, or simply noticing the facts that climate change is VERY real, and very much an issue.

Every month for the last many months we have been breaking global temp records. Every day more species are becoming extinct as a result of the rising temp. Those sad polar bears on the melting ice caps are not just a way to raise money, they are really there. They and many other animals are quickly losing their habitat.

Your interest in putting the large corporations who produce fossil fuels up on a pedestal is crazy. Hydraulic fracking is dangerous and has polluted the water all over the country. The more you support it the more the issue will grow and our country, and all of its citizens will directly suffer as a result.

This is a huge problem to me. I am an environmentalist and I care so deeply about our planet that I can’t imagine how bad it would be if you were to come president, and you weren’t aware of the horrible things you do supporting oil companies and denying the issue and existence of climate change. Please reconsider and remember that the choices that you make have consequences, some things can affect our countries history forever.


Sara Anderson,

Kirkland, Washington