Matthew Washington

Border Security

I believe the next president should address the issue or border security in the United states of America

Matthew and Tan


31 November, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 205

Dear Next President:

Borderline Security: Illegal immigrants are coming into the the United States. What will you do to stop them from coming in through. Many worry about overpopulation and terrorist attacks happening because of Illegal Immigration of refugees. People come all around the world with no authority and just walk right in illegally. What will you do to stop this issue in the United States.

There is a problem that the many people are passing through when some of the security is not checking thoroughly through the cars crossing or not checking the fences blocking from Mexico to the USA but they can climb over still. illegal immigration is the reason why we have more loss of jobs, more crime, drugs imported, less legal immigrants, and most of all terrorism.

We could put cement watchtowers or something along the lines of the fence where security can see if people are crossing the border but they can’t because the hopefully the security is watching and will catch them.

This can easily be solved by having better security on the places where most immigrants are coming in but we still do not want any coming in without them taking the Naturalization Test.

There will also be no drugs coming to the USA and there will be no illegal immigrants coming over from anywhere in the world to the USA without taking the Naturalization Test.

whoever becomes the next president should know what to do about the the people coming to America illegally and sometimes committing terrorism

Sincerely Tan, and Matthew


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