Hunter D. Harris

Letter to future president

Racism and Environmental, 2016 letter to president

Hunter Dallas Harris

October 13, 2016

Per. 3


Presidential Letter

Dear Future President,

Whether you are Hillary Clinton or Donald J. Trump, I believe that both of you could do a good job as the future president of the United States, I mean I am a person who literally everyday wishes that he could make a change in the world and now one of you guys will actually have that shred of power to change the world on January 20th. An important subject that I would like to discuss with whoever is future president is the problem with the environment and the problem with racism across the nation, these two are very important items to discuss. We all share this wonderful world, its lush green forest, beautiful lakes, gracious mountains, vastless deserts, and great oceans that cover 70% of the Earth, but we are taking this beautiful planet for granite. With the dumping of waste into the oceans, causing major water pollution and harming the fish that live in those waters, not only fish but the plant life inside the water, all the unique and really exciting coral reefs, sea anemones, and just any underwater sea life that is in our oceans. We should be lucky that we have such great oceans to explore and to just enjoy but we are actually destroying it more than we realise, that's why I hope that you may try and figure a way on how to clean up our oceans and how we as the people of this planet can keep our oceans clean so that we may always have fresh sea water and also that all the life in the oceans may live a healthy lifestyle. That part of the letter seems like it is a little weird but it's actually a great point to bring up. I would also like to point out that there is also a lot of air pollution going on in our atmosphere, the main cause of this is fossil fuel emissions, factory emissions, and also untreated animal waste. Many don’t know this but when you don’t take care of and properly dispose of manure or just any waste, and so when the sun's rays start shining down on the waste, it starts to heat up and starts to produce a toxic gas that emits these bad chemicals into our air. I hope that you, the future president of the United States, will talk with other countries and with your own people about trying to cut gas emissions in half and trying to move more towards a greener Earth. Thank you for listening to my concerns about the environment and I hope that you get back to me with a letter about what you have to say in about my concerns.

Racism is also a big thing that needs to be covered in this letter, if we are to unite as a nation, we must be able to accept everyone for who they are, and not judging them for the colour of their skin or if they come from a different country. Well, Not only racism but equality in general, just being able to accept people no matter how they want to identify themselves. We need to prove to everyone that we actually do accept everyone for who they really are, not judging them, insulting them, or even killing someone over what ethnicity they are or what race they are, or the country they come from. It is stupid, when you, the future president of the United States, comes into office, please make something that, yes, I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and are protected by the first amendment but you need to make a speech about accepting one another and that, as I stated in the early bits of this paragraph, we may unite as a nation. Thank you again for listening to my blabbering, it may seem like I’m speaking out of my keester but I do actually know what I’m talking about, so please consider my ideas, and to whoever receives this letter, congratulations on getting the presidency and I hope to someday meet you face to face as it is my dream to at least meet one president in my life time, thank you. 


Hunter Dallas Harris