Alejandra C. Washington

The Price Tag on College is too High

Are we able to afford college anymore?

3 November 2016

Dear Future President,

We all know how important it is to get a good education. But what's the point when it isn't affordable. In order to live better lives we need to further our education but we aren't able to because the cost of university and college is way out of our reach. Tuition prices have sky rocked to where we aren't able to afford it anymore. Sure we can take loans but that would lead us to debt. We would work a great part of our lives just to pay them off. College or public university tuitions should be lowered or be tuition free.

Claimed by Market Watch it states that in the United States there is a total 1.3 trillion dollars in school debt and the number continues to grow every second. We shouldn't be adding to that debt but instead trying to make that number smaller. That money that isn't that could be used for other good things for this country. But for now the debt will continue to grow because of tuition cost for college. College isn't getting any cheaper in fact it's getting more and more expensive. According to the New York Times,“ Tuition at a private university is now roughly three times as expensive as it was in 1974, costing an average of $31,000 a year; public tuition, at $9,000, has risen by nearly four times.” Well tuition prices go up other prices go up as well like paying rent, food prices, and other everyday items that are needed to survive. There just isn't enough money to have everything. It's been an issue that people can't make payments on them their school day because they have other things they need to pay off as well.

I am looking forward to going to college, but as for many money is also an issue. According to College Data it states that the average tuition for a public university is $23,893 per year. Most of everyone I know don’t have that amount of money to just hand over. People look at that number and may be intimidated, therefore they cross off college on their list and find a different path.

So future president I hope that you can do to help those that are in school debt. Bring them some relief. But also be able to help lower tuition costs or maybe even tuition-free. That way everyone has a chance to have a career. They can have a better life in the long run.


Alejandra C.

Foster High School

Nohl's 2nd period Civics

22nd period class

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