Reyna & Laura Washington

LGBTQ Inequality

People of the U.S. disapprove of the LGBTQ community.

Laura N & Reyna M

Olympia, WA

November 8, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

America really has a problem with LGBTQ inequality.

People that are set apart just because they’re choosing a different lifestyle, or were born slightly different, instead of having an X or a Y chromosome, they have an XY or an XX chromosome; these people are called transgendered. They are set apart because they have a different life than what is most seen throughout the world. What we see in this world is girl with boy and male or female, but LGBTQ is becoming more popular than what is seen throughout history and most classic stories.

This could all be fixed by just treating people better. Though a society of people are now working on a project called the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project, are currently helping people in places like Israeli and Canadian indigenous with LGBTQ inequality. Adding a little extra will not harm anyone with exposing what most people hide in everyday life. One article says, “Perhaps energies should be directed at other Arab nations where stoning gays to death and other terrible abuses occur. Celebrate our LGBTQ people in other countries, not destroy what we already have. Peace for Arabs, Jews and all others. Fight governments, not our LGBTQ brothers and sisters.” Education of the reality and state the world is in, would probably help as well.

People tend to keep children away from differences to keep them innocent or to follow religion, but if they grow up shielded from reality, they most likely will continue this path and be afraid to think differently, so they will teach their kids that way and society will never accept people of the LGBTQ community, when in reality they are exactly the same as everybody else in the world.

People have started making notions towards LGBTQ discrimination and inequality, though not much is made to help. This subject is not clearly mentioned in politics or advertised anywhere else, but if we get a few people to see what they think is wrong to see that it’s right, more and more people will not feel scared or afraid to be themselves and show the world who they are. This would ultimately change the circumstances, so people aren’t scared of other people, and everyone is getting treated better. If a law is passed on equality, and companies don’t have a right to discriminate, it will make people feel safer.

The next president should choose to pass a law, saying that if people are discriminated against, because of being LGBTQ, then charges will be pressed. Not just a small fine, possible jail time or larger fines. If action is being taken, society will change and be more accepting. It may take some work, some devoted members in the revolution, and it will be fixed at some point. People want situations to change, but most don’t do anything, it doesn’t happen instantaneously, but, it will change America for the better.


Laura N & Reyna M

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Washington Middle School

Social Studies Period 4

8th Graders

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