Emma Washington

Gun Control

We believe the next president needs to address the issue of gun control.

Jenny J. and Emma G.

Olympia, WA

01 November, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President,

America’s reality is that every day about 90 Americans die from firearms. The U.S. has more mass shootings than any other country in the world. From 1966 to 2012 the U.S. had 31 percent of mass shootings, while we only have 5 percent of the world’s population. In certain areas people live in fear of guns especially because it is so common to own and use one. The world has become a fearful place.

The nation as a whole doesn’t know how to deal with guns. Some say that they are essential to have because of safety reasons, but is it safe to have them when they are becoming dangerous themselves? Most shooters take the lives of others out of envy or revenge, because guns are an easy tool for them to use improperly. Sometimes it is by accident, because the guns are improperly stored or the access to guns is unmonitored. A lot of the time they don’t plan to commit a shooting, but the gun presents itself and sure enough it ends up in their hands. No one is taught to de-escalate situations or how to help the people who might be put into situations where they want to hurt others. They cycle just repeats itself.

Just imagine, a world without guns in the hands of civilians. Mass shootings would be a thing of the past and so many deaths and injuries would be avoided. People would not live in fear of firearms and there would be assurance that they could go about their day safe and sound, no matter where they may be. If guns do show up, everyone would know that the person with the gun most likely must have gone through rigorous training, classes, testing, and are checked up on frequently enough to be safe enough and knowledgeable enough to use a gun in a proper manner.

I believe it would be worthwhile to ban gun use amongst civilians, unless they are licenced to have one for government or hunting purposes, from owning a firearm. By doing so, it would drop the number of shootings committed drastically. I think we need to have a better way to increase stricter access to guns. Guns can be useful, like any tool, if people can use them safely. We should make sure more powerful guns can’t end up in civilian hands and that hunting guns or less powerful guns require monthly check ups for civilians. Making sure people who get gun licenses, whether for protection or for their job or just to have one, go through intense classes and tests would be a start. If people who drive need to take several months and tests to be able to drive a car which can hurt other people if used improperly, why not take the same measures for guns? This way the people who are buying, using, and selling guns are well informed, registered, and are able to use their tool the best way possible. I think we also need to be looking at teaching all people in classrooms, work places, and homes how to de-escalate situations and how to be kinder and more open minded. As quick as it takes a gun to take a life, a smile and a helping hand can save one as well.

Once this becomes a reality the U.S.A. will become a safe haven almost free from from gun violence. I think the biggest reason why there is gun violence is because most people improperly use this tool. By requiring stricter access, classes, and check ups on guns, the number of people who can just go get a gun or misplace or misuse guns will decrease. Accidents will go down and dangerous situations are less likely to escalate. Guns are just a tool, and a powerful one. We need to be able to all know how to use this tool properly and respectfully and professionally. I think it doesn’t matter which side of the “gun argument” you are on. We all want life in the U.S.A. to improve for us and the future generation.

The president should start pushing for gun control bills. These types of laws would help start limiting gun sales and monitoring gun shows. Guns could be sold with tracking devices which would help locate criminals who have caused harm. Also, I believe it is important for schools to practice what to do if a shooter was in the building because if a lockdown fails, no one would know what to do. Knowing what to do in the face of a shooter is a step closer to stopping them. Then we can start teaching people more about the responsibility and proper use of guns and know how to prevent firearm situations from happening.


Jenny and Emma

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