Luis S.

Discrimination Against Hispanics

Racial Discrimination Against Hispanics Plagues Our Nation.

Dear Mr.President,

Many people of the Hispanic race face racial discrimination because of for example president Donald trump and how he discriminates a certain percentage of the Hispanic population.Also Hispanics especially young adults(18-29) face discrimination like the African American or Asian etc., and this is a problem, because they shouldn't be having to worry about being discriminated at a young adult age. Especially large chunks of hispanic groups around the world who don’t deserve to be discriminated.

I can connect to this topic personally because my family also is affected by this because they are hispanic to and they have their brothers and sisters that they care about and this particular situation affects them in a way because they live in mexico,and this affects me too because they're my parents and i care about them and they care about me. Also i can connect because i am hispanic and all of the hispanics suffer from this.

This whole issue is all about the discrimination of races and how some groups of people are made fun of and i believe that this is not the right way to treat these hispanics and other races as well. This problem builds up overtime because other people convince them into being racist even if it’s a little joke or even if it’s a little comment, then those people think it's funny and then they start doing it and then it just keeps on going and it doesn’t stop, unless other people tell those people to stop. This is only 1 of the reasons that this discrimination happens but it also happens just because of people agreeing with their friends or maybe agreeing with their family, just because they say that doesn’t mean you have to do it also.

Some other causes of the issue are because of our president donald trump and how he chooses to not like a certain percentage of the hispanic population. Other causes are the idea of how we like to “hop the border” which isn’t true for all hispanics and also these racist comments can also be used to be racist against other races, all you need to do is reword it so that it refers to that particular race. Also some other causes are just the normal american civilians who for some reason are just racist and have some kind of grudge against us for some particular reason.

So it is all up to you, Mr. President, are you willing for people to keep on discriminating other races, of our peoples beloved state, is their going to be a great america without discrimination and hate, or will it be a place filled with rivalry and hate filed with the hate of our differences and how we don’t like another race just because of minor details? This country depends mostly on you and your decisions, Mr. president. Take care of the people's country wisely.

Sincerely, Luis Salas