Emily F. California


This letter entails my opinion on the way immigration should be handled. It voices my concerns about deportation and the devastating effect it has on one's family, friends, and community,

Dear Future President,

Immigrants take away our jobs, they are criminals, and they make no contribution to America...these are all the negative remarks made in the media nowadays. Yet, immigrants are not the problem; it is the way we deal with the situation that is. There’s a negative connotation with the term immigrant due to crises such as terrorism and the recent remarks of a certain presidential candidate. Yet, looking back in history, immigrants are what make this country unique and some of the biggest contributions were made due to the contributions of immigrants. This is evident dating back to Alexander Hamilton, who was the first Treasurer of the presidential cabinet. He made great contributions such as the National Bank and the Coast Guard, and he wasn’t even born in the United States like the other cabinet members. The immigrant situation should not be dealt with with brute force such as forced deportation, but rather they should be embraced and put to work to contribute to our country via serving in the military, paying taxes, or any other service to society. Our country is made up of descendants of immigrants and they are what make our country so unique and diverse.

Opportunity for all should be emphasized and consistent. Many children of immigrants, whether they are legal or illegal citizens, should be aware and educated on different opportunities and educational paths that our country provides. My cousin was an illegal immigrant and he came to the US and earned his high school diploma, yet it didn’t matter since he was restricted by his legal status. He was one of the smartest people I knew and looking back and reflecting on his life, it amazes me how he was able to learn a new language in less than a year and how dedicated he was to his education. He went on to community college, but could not continue due to a lack of legal documents. He then had to work in a factory where eventually he was deported. It is not fair to him or any other illegal student who wants an opportunity to succeed in life. They are not able to fulfill their dreams because of lack of legal documentation. People should not be defined by legal status. People should not have doors closed to them due to lack of legal status. People should not be taken away from their family or friends due to lack of legal status. The American dream is to be the best person you can be and succeed in life whether that’s through service, business, or even just enjoying the simple things in life. I ask you, our future president, to not deport illegal immigrants or persecute them, but rather embrace them and have them earn their citizenship through acts of service.

Emily Flores

Newbury Park High School

English 11IB period 2A

High school English IB course

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