Nison California

Criminal justice

I believe we need some change in the criminal justice system for a better society.

Dear Anonymous, 

I believe that criminal justice should be giving a second chance to any human being, especially to the kids at young age making bad decision. I think that they deserve a second chance because I feel like they were not mature while still in their prime. I believe this because people and scientist said that kids brain are not fully develop until they are 21.

No kids should be charging with an adult sentence when they are at a young age and having them rot in a cell where they had a made bad choice at a young age. Our system should have a rehabilitation and have them do community service rather than having them sit in there for hours doing nothing. For kids that commit a murderer should have to do community service for the 25 years or send them out to war. In addition, i believe this is a good idea because people should never waste their time and should always be useful in life. This is a good way of having our society a better place in having to be forced to do work and also a way of punishment. The other punishment on kids that make bad choices is sending them out to war as to be forced if they don't listen for the first time. I believe this will work and make our society a lot better and no kid shall be punish that crazy in having to lock them in a cell for 23 hour lock down when they could do a purpose to change he world.

In this i believe our criminal justice should do this for young kids who's serving juvenile hall time and than having to sentence them for life in a 23 hour lock down. This is basically giving a choice to do better or having to die for the country if have to.This is very good idea that the criminal justice should think about, rather than having to waste time and space when we could make them useful on earth.

Sincerely, Nison