Jocelyn D. California

Do We All Think Black Lives Matter?

This is about what I think the world has come to. And how we are not treating everyone equally and what we should do about it.

November,28 2016

Dear Future President,

I believe that not many people think that black people should be treated equally, I think you should focus on this because the world is becoming a dangerous place. I believe that we should all be treated the same way no matter what race we are or just because our skin color is different. One day in my English class we read this book and it was talking about if we all took off our skin we would all look the same. And I think that that is how we should all look at each other no matter what. I want you to help fix this problem because in my school we watch the news and I see a lot of violence that is happening out on the streets because people think that they could just rule the world and think that they are better just because of the color of their skin. You would have also be helping young people feel good about themselves and have them feel needed in the world you would be helping a whole community of people that will make a difference in the world when they get older and also you will be showing them that you can really make a difference if you put your head to it.I want the violence in this world to stop so that the world could be at peace I choose this topic because a lot of our problems start with racism and just think how much weight would be lifted off you if racism was no long in this world. So not only would it be helping you but it would help the whole world it really benefits all of us.

I was thinking about it and trying to help you and come up with a way to help you in this situation and one thing that I came up with is you need to make sure that people don’t judge people just because of their skin. You might be saying like how am I supposed to do that, well what I mean by that is that like let’s say that their is a colored person who did something bad and needed to give some time in jail for what they did, ok give them time in jail. But if a non colored person did that same thing give them the same amount of jail time. The reason that I gave this example is because my friend heard about a case that a colored person raped some girl and killed her then they gave him a sentence of like 10 years but this non colored person did the same thing and he only got like 6 months so that is something that you can do to help the situation. So just by doing that you are showing people that we are equals. Another thing that I have seen is that police officers hit colored people for no big reason the reason I say big is because maybe they are just talking and they start to hit them to the point of them almost being deaded. What you can do about that is tell the police officers to have a reason for hitting someone and a real reason but even then you should not have a big enough reason to take someone's like away. Those are some reasons you should help and how you can help.

As I was saying many people think that we are no equal but I believe that all people are equal. And that we should not judge people just because they might be different from us. Future president I want to ask you a question would you want to be in a world that does not let you be who you are? Would you want to be judged for being who you are? Or would you want to be hit to the point of almost being dead just because someone thought that you were going to hurt them just by walking to them? I would like you to put yourself in their shoes. I want you to think about it in that way and I want you to think about those questions and really think about it hard. Because I know how it feels from personal experiences. So Please try to help our world so that a lot of our problems will stop and so that people in this world that go through this everyday feel like they should be here and deserve to be here and so that we all feel like we are equal to one another. Thank you for the time and I hope that I have gotten through to you and I hope that you try to help this situation. Oh and one more thing you would be a really big hero in this world. You might not think so but I bet that the many people in this world that you would be helping would think so. Thank you once again for your time and I hope you have a nice day.


 Jocelyn Dominguez From HSMS school 

Health Science Middle School

Health Sciences Middle School

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