Addi W. Kentucky

Gun Control

There needs to be more gun control in the U.S.

Dear Future President,

Congratulations on winning the 2016 Presidential election! I hope you enjoy running the country. But today I’m here to ask you to do a favor. This favor should help improve the safety of the country. As a child, I would like there to be more gun control. This is one of the problems facing us today. Would you like everyone to be able to purchase a gun and have the people’s safety at risk or would you like there to be more gun control and ensure more safety to the people?

My main reason for more gun control is the safety of myself and others. I believe background checks are needed, let’s keep them. If you take away the background checks it is easier for a felon to purchase a weapon. For example, let’s say that a felon who was convicted of armed robbery and they got out of jail. And this felon wants to purchase a gun, so he goes to a gun shop. He picks out the gun he wants and goes up to the front counter to buy it. Now if there is a background check he will not be able to purchase the gun nor can they use a weapon to harm anyone. But if they do not give a background check the felon could purchase the gun and go around hurting people.

More people die of shooting of guns in the United States than anywhere in the world. Hopefully this is telling you something. I’m starting to feel as if there is too much freedom with guns. The infant mortality rate is 34% and the child mortality rate is 45% due to gun violence. This is a concern; we need more gun control.

Some people say that there is no need to make laws about gun control because criminals do not follow the laws. This isn’t technically true because putting out laws would help reduce the risk and help catch them much more easily.

These are my reason why you should do me and the people a favor. I would surely feel a lot safer if there was more gun control. Hopefully you will take this letter into consideration.


Addison W.